7 great reasons to integrate your web content with amazing visuals

Visuals can help elicit emotions, but what makes them a great deal for your web design in Melbourne? Explore the reasons for using photography and videography on your website.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
7 great reasons to integrate your web content with amazing visuals

7 great reasons to integrate your web content with amazing visuals

Did you know the majority of information that humans can process faster is visuals? The human brain can process photos 60,000x faster than any text. The reason why visualisation works from a human perspective is because we are visual by nature. And we can use this skill to enhance the website experience.

Why use visuals on your website?

Everyone from Microsoft to Apple is using visuals to promote their company online. While many businesses know this conceptually, only a few have profited from the chance to integrate their web content with visual material successfully.

Most Engaging Visuals


Let’s dig deeper into this blog post and discover some compelling reasons for incorporating visuals in your web design:

1. They create a solid first impression

First impressions matter, even if it’s online. Visitors will judge your website from the first point of contact; there is no way around that! You only have 50 milliseconds to impress your website users.

With such a narrow route to create a solid connection with your target audience, you need something faster than text in your web design. And that’s what makes visuals a great way to evoke an instant reaction in your audience.

2. They trigger desired actions

Today’s customers are digitally savvy and hesitant about brands. Thus, showcasing your industry expertise and making customers feel comfortable about shopping with you is essential. Again, you can use visuals to build trust. How?

Including call-to-actions in images and videos is a great way to achieve that. In fact, it is far more successful than text when eliciting your audience’s desired action. This may include signing up for a newsletter or completing a lead generation form.

3. They are memorable

When you incorporate emotive elements in your web design, the user’s mind enhances the data preservation process. Simply put, pleasing images and videos can help audiences remember a professionally designed website. When the time comes to make a purchase, they will recall it.

People recall 80% of what they perceive – rather than just 20% of what they read and 10% of what they listen to. So, choose your graphics wisely with the help of an experienced graphic design agency in Melbourne.

Auditory vs Visual Information


4. They add aesthetic value

Aesthetics draw viewers to your website and help them enjoy using it. Visuals are a tried-and-true tool to achieve these goals – as they offer elegance and beauty.

With the inclusion of illustrations in your Melbourne web design, you can add artistic appeal to the design. Combining functionality with aesthetics improves your product offering and benefits utility and accessibility.

5. They are easy to digest

Humans learn and retain information better when they are actively engaged. This is where graphics come into play. Studies reveal that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to a 10% retention rate when reading text alone.

The point is simple: Your website visitors don’t want to expend more calories reading through a thousand texts when they can watch a video that gets the same message across in just 60 seconds. This makes visual helpful material for attracting attention and a better understanding of the text.

6. They are simple to distribute

Visuals are not only simpler to understand, but also easier to distribute. The more the customer comprehends your video content, the more views likes and shares it will generate. This is the reason why social media websites flourish on visuals.

Additionally, images and videos have diverse audience appeal. Since most people are visual learners, incorporating visuals to cater to a broader audience makes more sense than incorporating text.

7. They boost inbound links

Inbound links help boost organic traffic. Visuals have the potential to generate more inbound links compared to other types of content. They generate quality visual assets through charts, infographics and graphs, leading to excellent SEO results. This can be beneficial in improving the lead generation rate and freshening a brand.

Invest in a visually appealing web design

Do you think your website looks dull and unattractive? Ready to invest in visual content that appeals to your audience’s emotional psyche? Contact Digital Pieces today and learn about our multi-award-winning Melbourne web design services.

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