Why is it important to keep your brand fresh?

Refreshing your brand shows that you care about your business and its future. According to WordPress designers in Melbourne, this can help you reduce costs and improve productivity. Continue reading to learn more.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Why is it important to keep your brand fresh?

Why is it important to keep your brand fresh?

Times are changing fast. It’s something we all know, but often find it hard to adapt. For most businesses, knowing when and how to evolve their branding strategy is crucial when it comes to staying relevant. Even if the persona of your brand hasn’t changed over the past five years, there are chances that your brand aesthetics may require a little polishing to keep up with the changing times.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” – Steve Forbes

To truly understand the importance of keeping your brand fresh, below are some basic reasons explained by a leading web development company in Melbourne.

1. Stay relevant

Remember when you first created your business website? You did it to capture the attention of a specific audience. But do you think that it is still relevant to that audience? What if it requires a new web design?

As brands mature, they begin to learn more about who their real customer base is. Subsequently, they start developing different branding strategies to appeal to that demographic. This is why it’s crucial to overhaul your brand.

2. Stand out from competitors

According to an experienced team of WordPress designers in Melbourne, even well-established brands are not immune to competition and changing consumer tastes. For instance, you may be the only brand in the market, but the market might be saturated now. When this happens, your sales could suffer.

So, examine what makes your brand unique. Refresh your business to maintain market leadership. Take a deeper look at who your target audience is and develop a buyer persona that takes all of this into consideration.

3. Reconnect with customers

As your business grows, disparities can occur between what you want your brand to do and what it actually does. The most common scenario is that your customers don’t understand what your brand is about. However, a refreshed brand can help you match the messages your business is sending with brand recognition, trust and customer loyalty.

Here, you should never assume what your customers think. Instead, use every communication platform available at your disposal to understand them. You can gather data through social media, surveys, research groups, etc.

4. Pay attention to market trends

One of the worst things a brand can do is turning a blind eye to the current market trends. Since consumer preferences are constantly in a state of flux, shifts in your branding strategy will help you meet their changing needs.

For example, you may need to modernise your brand by prioritising user-generated content (UGC) or investing in WordPress development. So, watch out for what’s new and how to capture the attention of digital consumers

5. Create excitement

Many brands associate rebranding with the loss of brand recognition. That’s not the truth. In fact, updating your brand can actually create a renewed passion for the brand as a whole. You can excite your existing customers with your rebranding efforts. It will even generate excitement within your company, reignite your staff’s passion and get people in your community talking.


How to keep your brand fresh and relevant?

Your brand is more than a website overhaul or a new logo creation. It is something built from the inside out by every team member. Here are some simple ways to refresh your brand without disrupting business.

• Review key segments: Revisiting your key segments means making sure that you understand what your audience wants and needs.

• Carry out an audit: Position yourself as a compelling alternative to your competitors. Then do an audit to see if your position in the market resonates with your buyers.

• Optimise your visual identity: If the key segments and audit show that you’re not being perceived well in the market, adjust your visual identity. Make subtle changes in your brand identity, such as tweaking colours in your promotions or introducing new imagery in your web design in Melbourne.

• Update your tone of voice: Assessing all of your content will help you understand whether it has a mishmash of unmatched voices. Decide on a few common tone guidelines for anyone who creates content on behalf of your brand.

There are times for massive brand overhauls, but keeping your brand fresh is just as important. As marketers, developers and designers in Melbourne, we are the stewards of transformation for a business, ensuring your brand stays relevant with ongoing feeding. Need help with your web design?

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