UI/UX design trends that are coming in 2021

Planning to revamp your web design? Check out some of the hottest UI/UX design trends that are coming in 2021.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
UI/UX design trends that are coming in 2021

UI/UX design trends that are coming in 2021

Are you looking for some exciting UI/UX design trends for your next project? Want to discover what design trends are likely to bang in 2021 and beyond? The team from Digital Pieces – a creative design agency in Melbourne, would like to share some amazing UI/UX design trends with you today. Have a look:

1. Delivering the best user experience with invisible UX design

In today’s fast-paced digital culture, online users have access to an abundance of information. Whether it’s a pop-up banner on a website or a company’s social media grid, a bombardment of information hits modern-day users every day. And when the online information combines with visual elements, it can often overwhelm consumers.
Less is more when it comes to a smooth user experience (UX). This is why many tech enthusiasts and web designers are practising invisible design systems to give users the best user experience. This evident design trend is going to be very handy for easily adopting a minimalist approach with hidden functionality and aesthetics.

2. Integrating web design with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the future and is going to be integrated into almost everything that you can possibly imagine. Businesses are already incorporating different elements of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which help them optimise their user interface and user experience. Also, they are looking forward to personalise their products and services with AI. This personalisation will surely enhance conversions and make the UX design much better. In short, the blend of AI and UI/UX design is a win-win situation for business websites in 2021.

3. Pivoting more customers with mobile-friendly web designs

Did you know that 51% of global internet traffic is generated by mobile devices?
The popularity of mobile devices is slowly and firmly increasing, which means there is a huge sphere of mobile users, right here on the internet. For the sake of the success of your marketing campaigns, you have to adapt mobile-friendliness. This means you should prioritise responsive, mobile-friendly websites for better SEO results and user experience.
Although a mobile-first design isn’t a new web design, it’s going to become much more important in 2021. This is because Google has been predominantly using the mobile version content for indexing and ranking websites. And it will continue prioritising mobile-first design in the eyes of all users and UX designers.

4. Leveraging UX with Voice User Interface (VUI)

Voice assistants and interfaces are in demand and will definitely become one of the hottest web design trends in 2021. Tech-giants such as Apple and Google are already implementing VUI in their UI/UX design and can take a step further with more human-centered tendencies in the future. In other words, you can also start incorporating a voice user interface web design to stand out from the competitors of your niche.


Take all the above trends but don’t rely on them completely. After all, we are no magicians; the future is always unknown. However, it can be predicted with the in-depth knowledge of the market and the ability to see the future.
So, which UI/UX design trend is your favourite? Bring it to life with a proficient WordPress designer in Melbourne.

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