Creating an engaging UI: How it helps in retaining customers?

The user interface of your website is more than just icons, taskbars, or CTAs. It is your success story. Discover how a well-designed user interface can help you retain more customers.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Creating an engaging UI: How it helps in retaining customers?

Creating an engaging UI: How it helps in retaining customers?

These days, leveraging your online business with the latest and most powerful technologies is not enough. In order to retain more customers and expand your online business, you need to optimise the user experience (UX). That’s where the need to create an engaging, user interface (UI) echoes in the digital sphere.
But how does it work? How to create an attractive UI? Find a creative digital agency in Melbourne to help.

User Interface – The game-changing element for your online business

Over the last decade or so, the word user interface has become a buzz for marketers and businesses around the globe. It is the visual element of any software, app or website that determines how users interact and how information/content is displayed on the screen. By incorporating appealing visual design, interaction design and information infrastructure, UI enhances the usability and UX of a website or app.
The ultimate objective of a good UI is to make the user interaction and experience as simple and intuitive as possible. It is an invaluable part of any website or software and can dramatically impact the customer retention rate. After all, you want to keep engaging your valuable customers as well as maximise their user experience. To do so, you need to have an effective, compelling user interface in place. This will also help you educate visitors, create brand value and retain more customers in return.

How to ensure customer retention with an engaging user interface?

Did you know that a well-designed UI could raise your conversion rate by up to 200%? In addition, a better UX design could uplift the conversion rate up to 400%. If you would like to know how to optimise your user interface as well as user experience? Here are some tips suggested by a knowledgeable team of UI/UX designers in Melbourne.

1. Tell a compelling story with your user interface

All successful brands have great stories to tell. They carry a strong brand story that speaks out to a broader audience. To tell your story successfully, you have to have a customer-centric user interface in place.
It’s vital to consider how your story looks for your users. Here, simplicity is the key to create a sleek, memorable end-to-end experience that makes life easy for your customers. Not only this, it’s important to be able to deliver your brand story on as many platforms as possible. Also, think about how your UI/UX design appears on multiple devices. Consider whether it’s recognisable or not.

2. Prioritise the needs of your customer before your business

The role of a nicely built interface is to anticipate the customer’s needs accurately and serve them accordingly. Again, simplicity is the key to designing an interface that will keep users engaged and satisfied. You should focus on creating a human-centred design (HCD), which can ably understand the varying human behaviour and cater to those behaviours. Instead of prioritising your business, give preference to your ever-changing users and their needs. Solve their problems and try to engage them with the help of your user interface.

3. Navigate your customers

Happy, satisfied customers tend to stick around longer and tell their friends about your website or app. Therefore, make sure you design the user interface with straightforward navigation in mind. Create simple menus, task bars and icons to offer a positive customer experience. Provide eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) buttons to help your customers take immediate action and react to the information displayed on your page. Also, don’t forget to implement a comprehensive customer support system to help your users find what they need.

4. Create a strong information architecture

One of the most crucial aspects of the UI design process is establishing a clear information structure that helps customers find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds. You want to share valuable content, increase customer engagement and retain more customers. That’s where a strong information structure becomes essential. Here, poorly built information architecture can cause frustration and result in increased bounce rates.

5. Emphasise the interface elements

While designing your user interface, try to be consistent and predictable with your interface elements. Whether input controls or navigation components, you need to make your users familiar with the elements of your website or app. Try to choose and adopt those elements that will help you improve task completion and customer satisfaction. For instance, focus on providing a smooth checkout page by reducing the steps in the checkout process and integrating the right payment gateways.

6. Walk into your user’s shoes

According to our experienced web design agency in Melbourne, you need to use your own website, not as a developer or owner, but as a genuine user. Here, performing user observation exercises or research is the closest you can get to understand your customers. At this stage, you need to analyse their habits, preferences and behaviours. Determine how your users feel and what they experience while using your website or software. By applying the right insights to your user interface, you will be able to structure the web design and choose the look of the interface that best matches the expectations of your target niche.

7. Don’t skip the testing process

Every audience is different and so is every website. Therefore, one needs to test its UI/UX design thoroughly. After you have made the above improvements to your website or app, don’t forget to test it to ensure a good user experience and achieve the desired results.

The takeaway

The success of your online business hinges on customers. You must keep them satisfied and engaged. In a vying marketplace, it’s important to ensure memorable digital experiences and retain more customers. Therefore, your goal should be to navigate your customers through your business platform in as little time as possible. In a nutshell, if you make the user interface and customer experience engaging and enjoyable, you’ll be successful.

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