How To Improve User Experience For Your Website Visitors

A user-friendly website is vital for online success. Here are a few factors that create a great user experience and how to optimise your current website with it.

by Vahid Smajlagic - Web Developer
How To Improve User Experience For Your Website Visitors

The terms ‘customer experience’ and ‘user experience’ are being used more and more often in business – and with good reason. Consumers are more discerning and demanding and will leave your website if it isn’t user-friendly enough. Factors that impact website user experience include website development, design and optimisation, and if your website currently has a high bounce rate, you may want to focus on ensuring it pays attention to the following qualities:


Appearance & Aesthetics:

Online visitors make snap judgments based on first impressions. Your website has to look attractive and professional. Remember, it’s a reflection of your brand, and an unprofessional website creates a poor impression of your business. Your website needs to look good to persuade visitors to spend time on it, which then creates the opportunity to generate sales for your business.

Responsiveness & Speed:

Slow loading pages aren’t tolerated by online visitors. A slow or non-responsive website will result in losing potential clients before you even have a chance to show what you have to offer. Having a quick and responsive website is vital for online success.

Navigation & Ease Of Use:

Websites need to be structured to promote seamless navigation and ease of use. Web development specialists can assist in designing your website based on user-friendliness best practices. A page that is frustrating or confusing to navigate will cause visitors to drop off.

Mobile Optimisation:

Statistics show that mobile use is increasing exponentially, especially with younger, tech-savvy generations joining the consumer market. It’s crucial that your website is optimized (even prioritized) for mobile use to maximize your potential client base.


Ease Of Contact:

Customise your website to make it as easy as possible for users to get in touch with you. This includes having online contact forms and email hyperlinks. Also, include links to all other online portals such as your various social media platforms.

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