Branding in 2022: 7 leading trends to keep your eyes on

If you want to reinvigorate your branding strategy in 2022, check out the biggest branding trends in this post.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Branding in 2022: 7 leading trends to keep your eyes on

Branding in 2022: 7 leading trends to keep your eyes on

What do Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google have in common? The answer is a powerful branding strategy. These brands are successful because they know how to squeeze the juice out from the leading branding trends. They know how to stand out with their future plans and connect with their customers.
If you are planning to build a strong brand, then a fresh year is the perfect time to reinvigorate and refine your branding. Our graphic designers have analysed and compiled the top branding trends in this post. Before we dig deeper into this blog, let’s make one thing clear: Branding matters! It includes everything from designing your logo to your website. So, take it seriously.
Whether you’re a business owner, manager, marketer, find a design agency in Melbourne, then get ready to nail your branding strategy with the following branding trends in 2022.

1. Natural branding

Being eco-friendly has always been a hot topic if you look at the history of branding. Over the years, making use of earth-toned gradients has become a new norm for food and beverage companies. Why not, natural branding has a meaningful message.
This trend goes hand-in-hand with an internationally acknowledged movement, which is going green and reducing waste. While it’s not new for the branding industry, we would be able to see natural branding thrive and evolve in 2022. With this cultural shift, more and more brands will make use of earth tones to take a stand and represent their ethics to the world.

2. Socially responsible branding

Today’s buyers no longer see products as mere commodities. For them, each product is a statement. In other words, purpose-driven and socially responsible brands are more appealing to modern consumers.
According to 5W Public Relations’ Consumer Culture Report, 71% of customers buy from companies that share their cause. The message is clear for your brand, share not only what you stand for, but what you stand up for.


3. Diverse typography

Typography can talk, especially when it’s bold and clear. In 2022, it is going to breakaway from the boundaries of typical fonts, gradients and shapes. Typography will be a real rebel this time with an increasing use of modern letters, bold colours and unexpected shapes. This trend will be great for those who are bored of old standard typography.
To show your authenticity and boldness, think of playing with the size, order and position of letters. Don’t be afraid of scattering these letters if you really want to set your brand apart from others.

4. Inclusive visuals

Building a successful brand goes beyond logo, packaging and even your website design. It’s the art of storytelling through your brand. In this digital world, visual storytelling is something every brand is trying to incorporate into its strategy.
The thing is not to tie yourself to the norms of the industry. Be playful when it comes to visual storytelling. Use numbered lists, animated GIFs and thoughtful infographics in a way that they will mirror the situation in the community.

5. Hand-drawn logos

According to a leading branding agency in Melbourne, hand-drawn emblems are able to convey brand messages more clearly than analogues. This is an important thing to admit in an analogue-dominant world. Such an option will be best for those brands that are working in the creative direction, such as designing beauty products.
Handwritten fonts and logos that use classic versions of calligraphy look realistic and life-like, striking the potential customer’s eye. However, it is important to ensure that they are easy to understand and read. To create a hand-drawn logo or font for your brand, draw inspirations from other brands or online sources like Pinterest.

6. Back to neon

You know, neon has been a significant part of pop culture. I mean, just look at the movies and albums from the ‘80s. Even today, artists like Dua Lipa, Charli XCX and Coldplay are making use of neon colours to represent a dynamic, bold image. So, why should your brand stay behind?
Neon pink and yellow colours are what designers love the most nowadays. These colours are great when it comes to giving your brand a fun and sparky visual identity. Also, making use of unconventional text alignment, flamboyant graphics or neon grid patterns would be great for your brand in 2022.

7. Minimalism branding

How can we forget minimalism? The less-is-more mantra is what driving brands crazy these days. I mean, just look at the web world. You will see minimalism branding everywhere. The concept revolves around only the essential elements, such as simple text, basic shapes, limited colour palettes and negative space. It focusses on an uncluttered aesthetic, which is mind-soothing and eye-pleasing.
The best thing about minimalism is that it isn’t going anywhere. It is the right way to ensure viewers are focusing on exactly what you want them to focus on.


Get ready to revitalise your brand

Whether you are building a brand from scratch, or simply looking to amplify the aesthetics of your existing brand, pay attention to your branding strategy. Keep an eye on your competitors and make use of the leading branding trends that best suit your business. Whatever route you take, be sure to have a clear plan for your brand, sand hire the right design agency in Melbourne.
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