3 Signs Your Website Is Boring

How do you know if your web design is boring? A dull website may be turning your Melbourne clients way. Our web design agency expert lists three signs of a lacking site.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
3 Signs Your Website Is Boring

3 Signs Your Website Is Boring

Websites are incredibly essential marketing tools. In fact, in today’s world, they are one of the most central marketing instruments that you have. So many people design their own sites, sit back, and wait for clients that never come. If you haven’t made use of a web design agency in Melbourne, you may be suffering from this. One of the reasons that your site fails to attract people is that it may very possibly be monotonous.

Here are three signs that your company’s website is less exciting than watching paint dry.

Your homepage has no purpose

A home page is your introduction to your clients. It’s your foot in the door and first impression. Home pages need to have a focal point or at least a clear purpose. Pages that have either too much information or not enough content can both run the risk of being boring. No one wants to read a whole bunch of text about a company in the first five seconds. Using visuals goes a long way. Also, if there isn’t enough information to tell a potential client exactly who you are, they will leave.

To Fix It: Reassess your website’s home page. Check to see if you have enough information, interspaced with useful, relevant images. Take out any unnecessary fluff. Alternatively, contact a professional web design agency in Melbourne to do it for you.

No Interaction

A website is supposed to be an interactive experience. Without any form of interaction, your clients are basically just reading a brochure. Call to action, or CTA, buttons are essential to link your client with a contact form or a product.
To Fix It: You don’t need to have a massive, flashy display. Simple, yet attention-grabbing CTA buttons, social media sharing buttons or even a photo gallery will help to keep people engaged. And remember, this is the whole point of marketing. Engaged people are more likely to buy your product than those who are “just-looking”.

To much text

Blocks of text are a massive turn off. No one wants to read an essay when they are merely browsing a website. Make sure that your site’s text is broken up by beautifully spaced graphics, along with relevant images. Say what you have to say in as few words as possible. Professional website design agencies in Melbourne can assist you with how much text to image ratio is appropriate

To Fix Itn

Carefully assess your website and decide if your copy is the right amount. Break up blocks of text with images or videos, or put them into separate columns for small bite-sized pieces. Alternatively, contact the pros and let them design your site correctly for you.

Fortunately, Digital Pieces has a team of experts who specialise in website design. We’re able to help you amp up your website so that it’s appealing and functions optimally. Visit our design agency and see how we can help you.

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