Three Web Design Trends To Increase Engagement

Learn more about the latest web design trends that will boost your online presence and drive more traffic to your website.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Three Web Design Trends To Increase Engagement

Three Web Design Trends To Increase Engagement

There are several benefits to working with a Melbourne web design company to create a truly unique website to attract your customers. They can provide invaluable service by enhancing your web design and development or creating your online presence from scratch. Any professional web design company understands the importance of keeping up with trends in the digital world. It’s essential that these services extend to innovative design updates to adapt to growing consumers’ needs and wants – which can be achieved by using suitable trends to refresh your website seasonally.

While searching for a responsive web design company in Melbourne it is important to distinguish if they incorporate design trends into websites and how they view this from a business angle

Often, an up-to-date website can be the competitive advantage you need in your industry. By becoming more appealing to the consumer market online, engagement can increase which will lead to conversions. We have compiled an informative guide of trends you should consider implementing in your web design and development with the assistance of your digital marketing agency.

Using Monochrome

As design trends tend to blend from across different industries globally, we can see a huge shift from bright colourful websites to more monochromatic tones. Colour can be a crucial element for businesses that value it in their branding. This may not be suitable for every website online, but it is a distinct way to stand out. White can be used to make images appear clearer and add appeal. Blacks and greys can be interesting when used correctly, to draw your audience in.

Using Attention-Grabbing Chatbots

Chatbots can be associated with being cumbersome and unnecessary but are useful to your brand and business when implemented well. This AI technology can convey personality and character to visitors on your website while assisting with support or product enquiries. They should no longer be seen as this dismal, muted tiny box in the corner of your website. This trend focuses on reviving the chatbot, making it more approachable, with catchy phrases and engaging design.

Keeping It Clean

As “decluttering” becomes a buzz word in the design space, it translates online too. With minimal use of elements, audiences can locate what they are searching for on your website with ease. It is important to still make an impact and remain memorable. This is advantageous in a fast-paced world, where people want to digest information quickly. Images become brighter, the text becomes more informative and interesting to read, and it makes for a less congested user experience.

With a new year fast approaching, these trends can be tailored easily to meet updates in the industry. These are concepts which can add value to your website, and that you can incorporate into the design with your Melbourne web design company. Digital Pieces is a web design and development agency that is ready to support your brand and your website, by creatively enhancing your online presence to gain better engagement and interactions.

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