Web accessibility in UX design: How it benefits a business website?

Website accessibility should always be kept as a priority while designing a website. Want to know why? Here are a few benefits of web accessibility explained in this article.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Web accessibility in UX design: How it benefits a business website?

Web accessibility in UX design: How it benefits a business website?

Your website tells the story of your business. A website is where a potential customer will most likely get their first impression of your person, where they will browse your content and products or services. Thus, making it accessible to all your customers becomes important.
Did you know that almost 20% of Australians have a disability (3.96 million people) and are unable to access your website?
To ensure your website provide equal accessibility and opportunity to all customers, you need to incorporate web accessibility in your UI/UX website design.
What is web accessibility?
Web accessibility is a creative idea of having a global design, which allows digital products and services to be accessible for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. For instance, web accessibility enables a person with a hearing impairment to access all the content on a website, including videos. Not only web accessibility provides equal opportunities to people with disabilities but also benefits businesses and societies.
5 Benefits web accessibility offers to business websites
When your website is accessible, it becomes hassle-free to do business with many individuals who have disabilities. To help you understand more about web accessibility, here are a few benefits discussed below by a creative UX designer in Melbourne.

1. Better user experience

When it comes to the success of your website, user experience (UX) is paramount. As web accessibility allows all your users to successfully access and navigate your website, you can ably offer an improved user experience to them.

2. Wider audience

Like we mentioned before, you can easily reach a wider audience with web accessibility integrated into your UX design. Because you are making your website accessible to all people with disabilities which means you are ultimately broadening your audience reach.

3. Positive relations

By making your website accessible to all those people who are suffering from disabilities, you are building a strong reputation with your customers. This is because more people will discover that your website is optimised for every individual no matter who they are. It is a big plus point for your business that would help elevate your brand reputation.

4. Improved SEO

SEO is at the forefront of internet marketing and it goes hand in hand with web accessibility. When your website is accessible, Google automatically focuses on its user experience and gives you higher rankings – a big boon for your business website. So, a better UI/UX design automatically leads to better SEO.

5. More business growth

Web accessibility can effectively leverage your business growth and that’s a fact. As your website becomes open to more people, the chances of receiving more customers or conversions become greater. Improving web accessibility ensures that everyone could be able to access your web pages. Consequently, this will positively affect the bottom line of your business.

The bottom line

In this digital-savvy world, web accessibility matters a lot to your customers as well as to your business. It is beneficial for your user experience, usability, accessibility, aesthetics and more. Thus, make sure your website has all the elements that make it accessible and easy to use.
If you want to revamp your website and make it accessible, feel free to contact our web design agency in Melbourne.

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