Common Errors That Could Impact Your Website’s Success

If your website isn’t performing the way you expect it to, it could be because you’ve made a few mistakes. Here’s what they could be and how to fix them.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Common Errors That Could Impact Your Website’s Success

Your website plays a huge part in your digital marketing efforts. It can help you generate leads, improve your search engine rankings and nurture existing customers. If your website isn’t performing the way you expected it to, it can damage your SEO efforts and actively drive customers away. Here are five common website errors that our Melbourne web designer see on a daily basis.

It’s Unresponsive

If your website isn’t responsive, it means that potential leads are being chased away as they can’t access your site in the first place. An unresponsive website won’t be compatible with all devices. Most people are browsing the net on their smartphones and tablets, and with so many alternatives to choose from, they won’t stick around for one that doesn’t load well on their device.

There’s A Jargon Overload

Your audience might be other professionals within your industry, but that doesn’t you’re your content should be filled with jargon that no one understands. A website that’s hard to understand or difficult to read won’t convert leads or nurture customers. It’s okay if you’re posting something highly technical. However, make sure that your content is mostly readable.

There’s A Lack Of Quality Content

You want your generated leads and converted prospects to keep coming back to your website. The only reason why they would do so is if you had high-quality content, and well-written, engaging copy. Quality content establishes credibility, so make sure that what you publish will keep people coming back.


You Have Slow Loading Speeds

Site visitors won’t wait for a web page to load. With internet speeds going through the roof, no one wants to wait for this. It shows that your site can’t handle the traffic it’s receiving or that you haven’t bothered to test it in a real-life setting. If people have to wait, they’ll leave your page and go to your competitors.

No Call To Action Is Present

Sometimes, people need to be nudged. If you don’t have a compelling call to action on your pages, how else will they know to sign up for a newsletter, or where to request a consultation? It’s a simple addition that makes a big difference.

When your website’s effectiveness isn’t getting you results, it could be any number of factors, including outdated information, slow loading times or an overload of jargon. Your best bet would be to have a professional Melbourne web designer take a look at it so that they can update and optimise as required so that you can get the results you want.

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