Outdated Web Design Myths That May Be Holding Your Business Back

The web design and development industry has myths of its own. Are you still holding on to a few of these long-standing beliefs? If so, you may want to re-evaluate your approach for a more successful website.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Outdated Web Design Myths That May Be Holding Your Business Back

Myths have existed for as chances long as humans have walked the planet. While it’s true that some developed out of falsehoods, many more originated in truths that have slowly become outdated over time.

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Myth #1: As Long As It’s Functional, You’re Good To Go

Usability is elemental when building a website. It’s great to know that each aspect of the site functions as it’s supposed to, but it won’t get very far with visitors if the design is hideous. A minimal or basic design aesthetic isn’t always the best route. You need to find a balance between bold fonts, bright colours and imagery, and white space.

Myth #2: Rotating Banners Are Always Valuable For Effective Messaging

Sure, rotating banners help you fit more content into one space, but this can confuse, distract and annoy people who visit the website. Instead create a static, simple message. This makes potential customers more confident about the product or service you’re offering them and makes the offer easier to remember.

Myth #3: The User Will Take Whatever You Have To Offer

It’s great to have a distinct idea for your website design that you envision in your mind, but the web development process shouldn’t end there. It’s critical that you test your proposed design before your website goes live, by enlisting feedback from users. Try out a few different options so that you can see what works best.

Myth #4: The Three-Click Rule

Ever heard that each bit of content on your website should be three clicks or less away? While urgency and immediacy are staples in the digital world, there’s no evidence to back up this rule except years of it being preached. Of course, you don’t want users to navigate a maze before they reach what they’re looking for, but don’t sacrifice a streamlined experience for this rule.

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