Which Option Is Best?

Businesses that want a web presence can choose a readily available template to design a website or for a custom built one, using a digital agency in Melbourne.

by Vahid Smajlagic - Web Developer
Which Option Is Best?

Which Option Is Best? A Custom Website By a Digital Agency in Melbourne ?Or A Pre-designed Website Template?

The question: ‘Should I use a digital agency in Melbourne to design my business website?’ is a valid one. With the availability of a plethora of pre-designed website templates (some of which are free to use but certain conditions may apply), hiring a web design company in Melbourne to customise a website for you is an expense. The best way to make an informed decision is to weigh the benefits of each option.


Difference Between Templates And Personalised Designs

Pre-designed website templates are often a quick entry point for businesses to establish an online presence. The wide variety of templates to choose from – provided by ready-to-build platforms such as WordPress and Wix – is generally suitable for any business niche but limitations may exist for particular features such as e-commerce functions.

The process of designing a custom built website from the ground up begins with a web designer asking a few pertinent questions such as the intention or goal behind the website. Your unique website will cater to your individual preferences and business goals.

Why Choose The Specialist Expertise Of Professional Web Designers In Melbourne

Using a design agency to build a website provides you with an adaptable 100% unique design that easily incorporates branding needs so that your websites stands out. The process is relatively longer and requires a bigger budget, but in return, the benefits outweigh the expense for reasons that include:

  • Integrated SEO services to ensure your website achieves high ranking visibility.
  • Dedicated technical testing and support for managing updates, upgrades and other maintenance issues.
  • Extended services that can include digital marketing such as designing banner ads and creating compelling content.


For businesses that require a distinctive search engine-friendly website design then a tailor-made web design option designed by a dedicated digital agency makes for a great choice.

Why Use Website Templates

The two most popular reasons why website templates are used are the quick setup times and low cost. No web programming expertise is required, but depending on the theme and developer, some templates can be a bit tricky to use.

Why waste time in trying to make a template behave to do what you require it to do when our expert web designers in Melbourne will take over the entire website design process for you? Give Digital Pieces a call for affordable web design services.

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