BaaS – Learn everything about Backend as a Service

BaaS is an amazing technology that helps you to automate part of the work of developing backend code. Here is an in-depth look at BaaS and why you should consider using it.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
BaaS – Learn everything about Backend as a Service

BaaS – Learn everything about Backend as a Service

In today’s ever-evolving digital world, the demands of mobile and web users are continuously increasing. Whether it’s the integration of social networking or push notifications, you have to have all the modern features to gain as much traction or credibility as possible. For mobile app developers, it’s becoming an uphill struggle to build software quickly while also ensuring the best user experience (UX). So, what we require is a comprehensive way to connect applications to back-end processing capabilities, allowing developers to ensure maximum performance while catering to the demands of the market. This is where you need Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS). With our tech-savvy web developers, let’s take an in-depth look at BaaS and why you need to use it.

What is BaaS?

BaaS or mBaaS is an amazing platform that allows developers to focus on the frontend of their app and web development. Through this service, you can automate the backend part of the development and offer cloud infrastructure.
The BaaS platform provides special tools that enhance backend code and increase the speed of development. It allows you to readily implement features, such as social media integrations, APIs, file storage, push notifications, file storage and more.
There are two important problem-solving characteristics of BaaS that make it powerful and effective.
1. Managing and scaling cloud infrastructure.
2. Speeding up backend development.

Why use BaaS?

With BaaS, you don’t have to worry about scalability, replication or database administration. You can write code that incorporates exciting new features and enhances the UX while reducing go-to-market time. Have a look at some of the key benefits of using BaaS:

Time-saving development

With a wide range of features, such as data storage, user management, search, queries and more, BaaS allows you to save your countless hours in backend development. In fact, you can increase your backend development up to 4 times. It helps in having a faster development process.

Reduced go-to-market time

One of the key challenges for enterprises is finding product-market fit, which is an experimentation process that involves trial and error. The more you experiment, the higher the chances of success become. BaaS is the right instrument for this purpose. It helps enterprises to test new digital products or services much faster. This strategy allows them to run multiple tests at the same time while reducing the investment in each new trial.

Focus on high-value coding

Due to different development processes, it is often overwhelming for developers to focus their effort on creating business-centric lines of code. Boilerplate code and repetitive tasks consume a lot of effort and time. However, this piece of code is already available on the BaaS platform and will save your time and money.

Build richer apps

As BaaS provides data storage and user authentication, you can develop richer apps in less time, leveraging all its agile functionality. There are many things that are quite impossible to achieve by a single developer. However, BaaS helps a lot both to developers and clients to achieve them all. You can develop as much as richer apps with way more ease and comfort. It’s like a superhero of databases!

Obtain cloud infrastructure management

BaaS helps you by providing outsourced management of cloud infrastructure. You don’t have to install any infrastructure or hire any team to manage it because all these tasks will be done by getting Backend as a Service for your company. BaaS will take care of everything and will offer the management of your cloud infrastructure.


Cost-effectiveness is another important BaaS benefit that you will experience. Since the development process costs a lot because any application has to be developed from zero, BaaS allows you to get services at a very affordable price rate. Plus, you don’t have to pay for each service separately. This helps business owners who are running on a budget and still want high-performing apps developed for their business.

What is the future of BaaS?

BaaS is relatively new but its growing popularity with developers is a great sign of its extensive adaptation in the future. With billions of web and mobile users out there in the market, there is an ever-growing demand for mobile apps in the market.
As businesses want to develop apps to seek growth and exposure, BaaS is a great solution to them that provides easy access to cloud storage, a broad suite of developer tools, lower upfront costs and the potential for rapid development. You can easily build reliable, economical enterprise apps on a tight schedule.
With that said, it is safe to say that the future of BaaS looks bright and it is surely going to take the digital world by storm – in a good way. So, if you’ve been looking for a tech innovation to get the best out of mobile app development, BaaS is your call.

Final Thoughts

From the above information, it is pretty easy to understand the benefits of using BaaS to develop an incredible application for any business. We are living in the digital age where newer technologies are unveiling and evolving every day.
With the cloud-based backend solution – BaaS, you will deploy, manage and scale applications more effectively and efficiently. In a nutshell, BaaS is a great relief for developers and brings many benefits as compared to a regular database.
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