5 Ways better UI/UX design can help your website gain more traffic and more leads

The UI/UX design of your website plays an important role in generating huge traffic. So, it is vital for you to focus on this crucial aspect of your website. Here are 5 ways UI/UX design can help your website gain more traffic.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
5 Ways better UI/UX design can help your website gain more traffic and more leads

5 Ways better UI/UX design can help your website gain more traffic and more leads

In order to gain more traffic, the UI/UX design of a website plays a crucial role. A good UI/UX design enhances user satisfaction by improving the usability, efficiency and accessibility of a website.
With professional tips from a creative design agency, let’s find out 5 ways to gain more traffic and increase conversion rates on your website.

1. Simplify your navigation

UI/UX design that simplifies navigation improves user satisfaction. If you are able to successfully navigate visitors, looking for the relevant content on your website, you can generate more conversions. Not only this, the longer your visitors stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate becomes. This will also let search engines like Google rank your website higher.

2. Colour-oriented Design

When we look into the psychology of viewers or visitors, it is said that colours and graphics impact their brains a lot. Based on the colour psychology of graphic design, a good colour palette and high-quality graphics can be incorporated to the design to induce the interest of visitors in your website, making them stay for longer. This technique is majorly used by app designers and game designers to keep users hooked for a long time.

3. Add buttons and pop-ups

You need to encourage your users to visit your website again. Users tend to visit a website again if they find it useful. Besides, if users feel satisfied by your website, they will leave you a positive review, leave comments, and share the word about it. So, add interesting and useful pop-ups and buttons that will improve the usability and engagement of your website.
Add social media sharing buttons so that people can easily share the content from your website to their social media channels. This way, your website will be organically promoted and get more traffic.

4. Add useful and informative graphics

Graphics or images instantly increase the effectiveness of any web page and make it appealing for the visitors. Therefore, the graphics you put on your website should be informative, useful and authentic.

5. Check the speed of your web pages

If your web pages load slowly, it will frustrate the user who will eventually abandon your website and move on to another relevant website which has a faster loading time. In such a case, you need to check the speed of your web pages and work on it. Seek help from professional web designers and developers to get your website tested and get the problem fixed.
When it comes to gaining more visitors for your website, there’s no denying that UI/UX design plays a crucial role. So, start evaluating your website from the point of view of a user. Think about how they feel when they visit your website. Invest some time in improving your website’s UI/UX design and you will see that your website traffic will boost.
We hope these tips have helped you learn how to revamp your website to be more user-friendly. However, if you need professional help, consult our experienced website designers in point cook.

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