Web design inspiration in Melbourne

Web design melbourne inspiration and the importance of a web design agency doing research on the latest trends and technology.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Web design inspiration in Melbourne

Web design melbourne inspiration and the importance of a web design agency doing research on the latest trends and technology. There are many web design inspirations which, makes you want to showcase your own web design style. Whether your style is fresh, innovative, creative or minimalist, you probably won’t have a better chance to show off all your potential if not by designing a website for your own agency. It lets you have the opportunity to push all your ideas and concepts forward, and opportunity to surprise your clients, your competitors, and even the world.

There are sites like http://www.webdesign-inspiration.com where we find the best web designs in Melbourne and all over the world which help web designers to get inspiration. They have a great inspiration gallery with responsive design for largest screens, categories and multi-category tool. Some of the web design trends around melbourne and Australia in 2018 are, drop shadows & depth, colour schemes, particle backgrounds, mobile first, custom illustrations, big, bold typography, grid layouts, integrated animations, dynamic gradients. Some of the latest web design technologies includes Vue JS, Chatbots and online support, Real time web applications, Progressive web applications, Push notifications, User centric performance, Motion UI, Virtual Reality.

It is very important for a web design agency to keep on doing research and making sure that we are up to date with the latest trends and technology.

 Which will hold the key for our melbourne web design agencies business survival and expansion.

There have been many businesses in the past that lost their edge because their web design wasn’t updated with the latest trend or technology or simply because the company did not do enough research. Blockbuster is one of those companies.  It used to be the leader of the video-rental chain until Netflix came and started sending videos through the mail and cable and phone companies started offering video-on-demand. It is now fighting back instead of leading it. Another great example is Yahoo. Yahoo was often regarded as the pioneer. Yahoo tried to charge for services like E-mail and file sharing. Then Google came and did its part. It did research on the trend and technology, offering everything for free. Customers switched to Google, which also made its search engine popular. Google’s search is also very simple, fast and smooth.

It is important web design agencies take into account what customers want.

If the trend is, to offer particular services for free, and if a web design agency ignores that, it may simply fall behind, as it happened with Yahoo, even if it starts offering this particular service for free later on as they maybe already far behind from its competitors and customers may ask, why switch back? As the site they are on is already offering this same service with the same benefits. Or If a new technology is released and a web design company ignores that- they may also fall behind, as it happened with Motorola and Nokia.

In the competitive and engaging world, it is very important for the survival and expansion of the business. In fact, it may hold the key for your company survival.

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