UX Designs That Have Changed The Game In 2020

UX design is something that you can’t ignore or otherwise, ou’ll be left far behind in the competition. The UX design trends are changing the game in 2020. Know them here and decide what’s best for your business.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
UX Designs That Have Changed The Game In 2020

UX Designs That Have Changed The Game In 2020

UX design continues to transform businesses and the products they create with each passing year. And 2020 is no different. User experience has been buzzing in the market of website development for many decades. This year, you can expect to witness the grand transformation of website development wing to the UX design trends that have captured the market. Let’s turn the pages and learn the UX design trends that have changed the game in 2020.

1. Multi-Platform Integration

UX designers have managed to come up with solutions for voice-based interfaces, gaming consoles, automobile dashboards and other innovations. In 2020, UX design will embrace Voice User Interfaces (VUI) on a larger scale in the wake of acceptance of new technologies. Many tactile interfaces are making their way into the fitness & healthcare industry and this is surely going to act as a catalyst for the upcoming years.

2. Inclusive Design

A good UX design is the one that is accessible to all users, and professionals delivering services for website development are aiming to hit it big to meet the requirements of people. Inclusive design makes accessibility and inclusion the focal point of the UX design process. The advocates of this design trend consider this as a radical approach to design.

3. Community Outreach

Everything that we do through website development, is social in nature because we aim to reach out to various segments of the digital world and cater to their needs. UX design processes have begun to enhance the interaction in the forthcoming products to give users’ community a rich experience.

4. Low-Key Gradients

Automation has engulfed general design trend technology. The visual elements have always managed to reserve a dominant position when it comes to custom web development. The subtleness, simplification and reduction have found their place in web development in 2020. This era belongs to automation and smart moves to be made by a website developer.

5. UX Writing

With each passing year, UX writing trend is setting high standards for writers. Human writing has garnered a special place amongst the list of trends that are making UX design highly versatile.

6. Information Architecture

The structural blueprint of a website dictates the flow of information through the platform. The UX design trend in 2020 focuses on simplification of the complex information architecture so that the users can access it conveniently. This aspect will also assist companies to successfully separate themselves from their competitors by providing more accessibility to the users.

7. Custom Navigation

You cannot expect every website to garner equal attention and popularity. If we talk about custom web development, websites that deliver high customer experience are the ones that will qualify to get famous amongst the users. And this is the reason why companies are opting for powerful visuals and custom navigation so that the information flow can be maintained.


UX design is not just a word. There’s so much that is hidden behind it. Stay in sync with these trends and get ahead of the game with Digital Pieces by hiring a professional website developer in Melbourne.

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