Tell a story through your videos and add to your website’s UX

If you wish to successfully tell your brand story to a wider audience, videos are the best medium to bring your ideas to life. Here are a few useful tips to assist you.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Tell a story through your videos and add to your website’s UX

Tell a story through your videos and add to your website’s UX

In the age of the internet, visual elements have become a powerful medium to entertain, educate and engage people. Back in the time when there was no internet, stories were passed on from person-to-person through the word of mouth. But now, things have turned around. The internet is everywhere and information is travelling at the speed of light.
As there’s endless content on the internet nowadays, it has become harder for businesses to stand out. Merely providing a list of features and products on your website is not enough now. You need to be different, creative with your website design and marketing strategy. For that, you should know how to transcend your brand story through the mind of your target audience.

Video storytelling: The art of good customer engagement and retention

When it comes to storytelling, videos are one of the most effective tools in the arsenal of a UI/UX Melbourne designer. It has been found that 86% of people love watching more videos from a brand. Additionally, 92% of marketers use them as a vital part of their marketing strategy. In a nutshell, videos make your audience want to come back for more and bring life to your ideas, credibility and purpose.
In this writing piece, we’ve gathered some creative ideas to tell your brand story through videos and optimise your website’s user experience (UX).

1. Repurpose your content with videos

Videos bring emotion, spark humour and create inspiration. They are great for engaging more people with your website. You may work hard researching, writing, editing and designing your written content, but that’s not enough. Here, videos can help you amplify your content in a new way.
On the other hand, a video that’s out of place will disrupt your story as well as UX. It will also disrupt the user’s comprehension, which will ultimately compromise the message you want to transmit. Therefore, make sure your video content is consistent, informative and delivers the right message to your audience.

2. Be clever with the pitch of your videos

Your videos should also tell your customer’s story, not only your own story. The stories that appeal to your audience get shared a lot. So, speak the story of some key customers and the challenges they face. For instance, you can add explainer videos to your website and start talking about your products and services. But do it in such a way that it shows that your business and website are customer-centric. Make sure you focus on what your customer needs, not just what you want. In addition, be funny and informative and give viewers a better understanding of what your brand is all about.

3. Be bold to go live

As you want to build a perfect user experience, you can take it to a new level by going live on LinkedIn, Facebook and other networks. Your potential customers want to know more about your business and understand it. Many businesses just don’t do that. They don’t take that leap because they are not bold. They are too scared to go online. Don’t do that!
You can even run biweekly Q&A sessions. Created simple and minimalistic graphics and ask customers and communities to address questions in the live streams. Stream some in-the-moment discussions, build your brand reputation and connect on a deeper level with your audience. Just remember, there’s nothing that lets people connect deeper with a company than seeing what it’s really like behind the scenes.

4. Add empathy and a human touch to your videos

Speaking of emotions, they can drastically impact your online presence. Cognitive empathy lets humans experience something by watching another human go through it. That’s how it can change your web game. Even if you’ve never experienced something, you could virtually feel it. This underscores the impact of visual thinking, allowing us to experience something fully. Videos help people connect to a story in a more meaningful way. Therefore, make sure you add the necessary emotions in your videos.

5. Thank your audience

A great mix of visual elements keeps people interested in watching your videos and coming back for more content. So, add interactive videos to your website and ask the audience questions.
Again, live videos are a great opportunity to get real-time feedback and engage with people who are watching them. This will actually drive the conversation and help you ask questions, get immediate results and find out where you want to go next.
Whatever you do, just keep the audience engaged. Respond to everyone who has commented on your video and appreciate them for being there. This kind of engagement is really important for today’s businesses. After all, people connect more with faces than taglines.

6. Be yourself, be authentic

Authenticity matters a lot and it is ok to be yourself. As you want your business to stand out and become a leader within your niche, you have to be more authentic. Thinking carefully about your brand story building can go a long way toward creating meaningful videos. Be a genuine and self-employed business owner. Don’t be afraid to unleash the un-edited version of yourself.

The wrap-up

When you’re planning to take the user experience to the next level, you’ll have to include several storytelling elements in the UX design, including storytelling videos. It’ll take a bit of time and effort, a lot of creativity and a fair deal of honesty to get it right. In return, you can get spectacular results. Just keep in mind that everyone loves stories. We are much more likely to remember a good video, than any fact or text.
So, start working on your storytelling videos with the help of a creative UX designer in Melbourne. In case, you want to incorporate storytelling videos in your web design, feel free to ask the experts at a leading design agency in Melbourne. At Digital Pieces, we can help you create some amazing videos that will tell your brand’s story.

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