Minimal Web Design : Less is More

In the 1990s, websites were often cluttered with advertisements featuring unrelated products and services. Site visitors had no choice but to click through hundreds of pop-ups spamming them with useless information.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Minimal Web Design : Less is More

After closing each and every pop-up window, these web visitors would finally seek out the information desired, often hidden in a sea of dense text and flashy pictures. Luckily for web users, the 1990s are over.

Modern web design is based on minimalism. The internet has expanded to the point that users will no longer tolerate websites filled with excess. They will ,leave your site and search for another that is less irritating to them.

Incorporating minimalism early on is important as users who leave your site out of frustration will rarely come back.

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The Benefits of Less

Some companies fear that minimal web design will compromise their creative cutting edge. They prefer websites that are a little too cluttered and glossy, fearing that anything less will have an impact on their corporate identity.

With an effective digital strategy, minimalist web design actually cements your cutting edge. It helps site visitors to quickly identify and focus on the elements of your website that are most important.


Users will be able to navigate your site more quickly to find the information they are looking for. When navigation is easy, they will be more likely to interact with more pages and spend more time browsing your site.

Core Message

When your website is uncluttered and devoid of meaningless text and pictures, your customers will be focused on your core message. Users will read and view only the elements that you want them to see. This will help them comprehend your brand identity and mission more readily.

Call to Action

A minimalist web interface lets your customers easily identify your call to action, whether that is getting them to purchase a new product or simply sign up for your email list. Web users will have an easier time distinguishing what actions they can take to engage with your company which will ultimately lead to more interaction.

The Key to Modern Design

Minimalist web design is synonymous with professionalism. Customers value a minimalist interface when navigating your web page as well as your social media pages.

It’s important to leave room for development as you expand your products and services. You will want to make sure that your web design isn’t so minimalist that it will require a complete overhaul to add new information.

One way to do this is through responsive design, a modern web design that automatically optimizes for mobile and tablet devices. Through responsive design, you will find it easy to add and remove information as necessary without redeveloping your site from scratch.

Digital Strategies

We believe that quality always beats quantity. In modern web design, less is always more. We make sure that every design flows logically, letting your customers focus on your core values and services. Contact us today to discuss an effective and creative digital strategy for your business.

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