7 things to know before hiring a website design agency in Melbourne

Are you going to hire a website design agency in Melbourne? Then make sure you ask them these crucial questions.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
7 things to know before hiring a website design agency in Melbourne

7 things to know before hiring a website design agency in Melbourne

With every passing year, more and more businesses are acknowledging the need to have a powerful web presence. Since most customers are online these days, businesses are coming forward and becoming digital. As a result, there’s an increasing number of web design companies available out there. But choosing the right one from such an enormous pool of options often becomes an overwhelming task.

Are you going to hire a Melbourne web design company for your next web project? Then make sure you get in touch with the right firm to bring your website to life. For that, there’s a set of criteria you will need to take care of. To assist you in your web design and development journey, we have compiled a list of seven important questions you should ask before hiring any digital agency in Melbourne. Have a look:


1. How experienced is the agency?

The first and the most important question you should ask is – how much experience does the company have? Do they have any track record for the same project as yours? Is there any active project they are working on? A good web design agency will likely have extensive work experience. So, it will be better to ask them for their portfolio. Also, look at their online reviews and ratings. Make sure the agency has created mobile responsive websites in the past. In essence, get a clear idea about the quality of their work before you hire them.

2. What core services do they offer?

Whether you want to overhaul your existing website or create a new one from scratch, it goes without saying that the company you hire should offer comprehensive solutions. Dig deeper into their services to understand what they can bring to your table. We advise you to partner with an agency that will offer you multiple services, including web design and development, SEO, content strategy, graphic design, etc.

3. What is the entire web design process?

When you are planning to hire a website design agency in Melbourne, consider inquiring about their web development and design process, including the timeline. If there are any certain steps that you will need to take care of during the process, discuss them with the agency so that nothing unexpected occurs later on. Outline the entire process and set a timeline for reviewing the project. Make sure everything remains streamlined.

4. Is there a support system?

The ongoing support for your project is very crucial, especially in the long-term. Solid communication with your web design company means you are going to be taken care of quickly. You may have trouble with your web hosting domain or with your content. By having comprehensive support in place, you can rest assured that your concerns will be taken care of as soon as possible. This is important when your website is finally live. So, hire an accessible and contactable agency that is happy to go the extra mile.

5. Will there be any support package available?

When your website is live, you have to make sure it’s smoothly working. It should load quickly, have no broken links, and contain proper call-to-action buttons within the content. But if there is anything wrong with the website, there must be someone out there to diagnose and fix the issue. Thus, ask your web design company about the support packages. In addition to standard maintenance, they should offer additional packages, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) integration. Although these packages may cost a little more, they will definitely benefit you in the long-term.

6. Will I get along with the company?

You want to keep an eye on the project, give your feedback and make necessary updates. So, it’s crucial to discuss everything with the company. That way, you would be able to have a personal touch with the final product, allowing you to become a part of the design. There are even some agencies that work the extra mile, provide drafts and ask for amendments. That being said, it is wise to question the firm to avoid any surprises or disappointments in the future.

7. What will be the final cost of the project?

The final thing is your budget. Since cost is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the best web design company for your project, set a clear budget and do your research. Ask yourself whether the pricing structure of the company reflects the expected quality. It is always smart to ask several agencies for their cost estimations before shortlisting the suitable one. Also, make sure you don’t sacrifice the quality of the project by hiring the cheapest firm.

In conclusion: Make no mistake

Web designing is a time and money-consuming process. It can make or break your online game. So, don’t leave any stone unturned while hiring an experienced digital agency. Keep in mind that you are investing in a long-term asset. Determine your project needs, do your homework and ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are in the right boat.

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