“Good Brief!” – Working Together with Your Chosen Digital Agency in Melbourne for The Best Results

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by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
“Good Brief!” – Working Together with Your Chosen Digital Agency in Melbourne for The Best Results

The marketing brief is a key component to untapping marketing potential of any kind of campaign. Once a brief is put together, it’s up to the digital marketing agency to turn the ideas presented by the client into reality. same virtual page. Digital Pieces is a modern, forward-thinking digital agency in Melbourne. Our work is based on engaging clients openly to establish mutual grounds for their digital marketing campaigns. The more nuanced and clear the brief is, the more spot-on a campaign will be. Here are 5 tips to help you ensure that your brief has all the necessary information for a successful campaign:

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1. Communicate Clear Goals

You must be clear on what you’d like to achieve with your campaign. The copy produced by your digital agency will hinge on what you require. It could be an increase in website traffic, more direct enquiries or lead generation. Either way, the digital agency can only work on achieving the goal if it’s clearly defined.

2. Share Your Vision for Each Specific Project

When it comes to finding fresh marketing angles, copy and paste is the enemy. Avoid using the same brief for every campaign. This weakens the impact of new campaigns and limits the parts of the market you can tap into. Find something new or different in your industry that your digital marketing agency in Melbourne can work from to give you a competitive advantage.

3. Include Useful References That You Know Of

Nobody will know more about your field than you do. While we’re great at conducting research, sharing any expert reference you know of can only benefit the campaign. A reference can also be used as an example to illustrate what you’d like. Pointed references allow digital agencies to create pointed copy and campaigns that meet the expectation.

4. Your Company’s Voice is Key

Let your digital agency know what style and tone your business communicates in. This helps streamline your campaign and other information shared on your digital platforms. Whether you prefer a light-hearted tone with colloquial terms, a formal approach or anything in between – your voice is vital.


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