Go digital this holiday season!

Are you planning for the upcoming holiday season? Want to boost your sale? Look beyond the conventional ways and go digital. Read more in this article.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Go digital this holiday season!

Go digital this holiday season!

After a long and devastating pandemic, retail shops are finally opening, consumers are breaking free and businesses are all set to boom. This is a great sign for the upcoming holiday season, which is going to be a special one this time. However, there is one thing: shopping will look quite different this time because of the digital transition that took place during the pandemic.

Why go digital this holiday season?

According to a report, 28% of shoppers plan to shop more online for this holiday season compared to the last one. Today’s consumers spend a significant amount of their holiday shopping online. Thus, businesses need to go digital and in order to grab their attention with the best web design in Melbourne. Here are some additional reasons to go digital this holiday season.

• Take the advantage of the transformation

Digital transformation is forcing businesses to adapt to new changes. Its best example is the pandemic because of which the e-commerce space saw a rapid increase. Although this shift was already underway, the pandemic only accelerated it. By going digital and meeting consumers where they are, you can take advantage of this transformation and vie in your space.

• Meet consumer’s fluid expectations

Shoppers care about marketing because it makes them feel safe, personal and informed. To make their holiday shopping more seamless and successful, the best approach is going digital with the help of a leading copywriting agency. This will also help you support the causes they care about the most.

• Acquire new customers

If you want to increase your brand recognition and draw new individuals towards your company, consider running digital advertising campaigns this holiday season. This approach will empower your brand and will help you obtain passionate supporters. In fact, going digital with your advertising campaign will reward you with first-time shoppers.

How to go digital this holiday season?

Preparing for the upcoming holiday season? It’s time to look beyond the conventional ways and go digital. Here’s how your business can go digital this holiday season.

1. Do some pre-season preparation

The efforts you put in ahead of the holiday season always payback. So, prepare for the holiday season in advance so that you can maximise sales during the rush. Formalise your digital marketing plan to stay organised for your holiday campaign. Create a list of marketing strategies that have worked in the past and then plan out a timeline.

2. Send laser-focused emails

Holidays are the time when your customer’s inboxes are stuffed. This is when you need to create appealing subject lines with a strong hook. Proofread and test each email before sending it out. Stagger your emails at different times so that you can maximise visibility. Make sure you know when the best time to reach your customers is.

3. Focus on optimising website speed

Of the many website owners and digital marketers that we spoke to, the same piece of advice kept coming up – make website speed your top priority. We know you hear this all the time, but it is what it is. Website speed matters, especially when it’s the holiday season and your website is rushing with traffic. Make sure your website loading time is under 2 seconds or so.

4. Provide better customer services

Since people shop more during the holiday season, chances are more issues may arise. Here, the point is to provide better customer services during these busy days. Minimise your average response time and offer omni-channel customer services. Consider automating basic questions to save your team’s valuable time.

5. Have a plan for low inventory

Increased web traffic and sales are great, but they often lead to low inventory, which could be difficult to replenish during busy holidays. Thus, have a proper plan for such experiences. Try to scale up your inventory by looking at the last year’s trends and products. Use A/B testing tools and let shoppers discover similar products with recommendations.

6. Grow your subscriber list

Building a strong mailing list isn’t a new trick, but it is most effective when the digital traffic grows during the holiday season. So, cultivate your email subscriber list and give your brand some limelight. While you may not capture every possible lead during the holiday season, a healthy subscriber list will keep those interested website visitors in the loop.

7. Make use of video advertisements

For promoting your brand during the holiday season, videos are the best type of content. Most business professionals know how effective video content is than any other form of content. So, devise clear, catchy and intriguing video ads that will hit the bull right in the eye. For instance, you can create an emotional video combined with the spirit of the holiday to inspire your target audience to shop.

8. Be socially responsible

These days, a number of people prioritise corporate social responsibility. In fact, this is what helps them decide where to shop. So, make sure you address your role as a global citizen. Allow customers to support your business this holiday season by aligning it with their values. Make your business a part of the positive social change, partner with a charity and offer some cause-related promotions to tap into the spirit of social responsibility.

Wrapping up

Keep in mind that your customers are more digital-savvy than ever now. So, make your business shine on digital platforms and maximise your return throughout the upcoming holiday season with the above-mentioned strategies. The best part about these strategies is that you can use them both during and after the holiday season.
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