5 tips to infuse brand essence into your web design

Want to create your unique business mark? Then there are a few good tips to infuse brand essence in your web design.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
5 tips to infuse brand essence into your web design

5 tips to infuse brand essence into your web design

Spending a fortune on marketing is pointless if your brand essence isn’t strong enough. It’s something like pushing a boulder uphill in a snow storm. But what exactly is this “brand essence?” More importantly, how to have a strong web presence that integrates brand essence into web design. Let’s find out with the help of a leading website design agency in Melbourne!

What is brand essence?

Brand essence is your business’s brand identity. It represents all the unique components of your business that make it stand out from the competition, including the logo, brand colours and visual assets of your web design. Brand essence is much more than a single idea; it covers everything from your distinct voice tone to the statement.

When you want to boost your chances of sales, having a great brand essence can help you build a kind of affinity with your customers. It’s that affinity that convinces your valuable customers and assists them when they choose your company instead of your competitors.

How to include brand essence into your website?

Whether you want to build trust, make your business stand out, or create an emotional connection with your audience, brand essence matters. It is able to showoff your unique values, mission and personality. Otherwise, you will be left behind. Let’s take a look at the following brand essence tips that will take your web design to the next level.

1. Focus on your brand colours

Do you know that brand colours are a chief component of your brand essence? They play a significant role in every brand asset you build, be it packaging or logos. With that in mind, use brand colours effectively on your website. Try to stick with the same selection of shades or colours in every digital setting. For instance, KFC uses a mixture of black and red to convey feelings of appetite.

2. Use the right voice

You may get stuck focusing on brand essence elements like logos and colours, but never ever miss your tone of voice. It is what gives your online content personality and depth. It may come through in the words you use, such as slangs and idioms. In addition, it’s always great to add humour to your voice (if it’s suitable).

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a brand voice. For instance, you can add emojis or play with GIFs. Look at your competitors when writing product descriptions. Make sure your tone of voice remains consistent wherever your customers see it.

3. Have a clear brand message

Another important thing is delivering the correct brand message to your target audience. It means delivering what you want your customers to think when they land on your web pages. Is your message clear and genuine enough to convince the visitor? Can you repeat it on the digital platforms that you use?

Make sure that your message comes across correctly and easily. Try to include references to your message on every product page, the “about us” page and your social media account.

4. Never copy your competitors

Your competitors can beyour inspiration as competitive analysis gives insights into different trends and design strategies. However, it would be better if you don’t just copy and paste them. Instead, focus on making your web design stand out. After all, the whole concept of bringing brand essence into your web design is to differentiate you from the other businesses out there.

5. Keep your design consistent

Finally, good branding needs a good design. You want to hire an experienced web design agency, but make sure you keep your web design consistent throughout your webpages. Spend time thinking about how to evoke the right balance of emotion using images, colours, and typography. Never forget that your web design is the first thing users usually encounter when they get in touch with your brand. So, it has to really pop, but consistently.

Summing up

What distinguishes successful brands from those that fail is how they create brand essence and infuse it in their web design. The best tip is to create an emotional connection with your audience. And this is where brand essence is a successful tale. So, what’s the waiting? Be it for your new website or an existing website, I hope these tips will help you grow your brand essence. Still have doubts?

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