5 Basic Ideas You Can Use To Enhance User Engagement

Finding it difficult to engage users on your website? Learn with these ideas to improve your user engagement with the help of a web design agency in Melbourne.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
5 Basic Ideas You Can Use To Enhance User Engagement

5 Basic Ideas You Can Use To Enhance User Engagement

No matter how cool your web design & UI is, if you’re not able to engage your users, your website will be pointless I must say! So, how to enhance user engagement for your website? Learn about some most leveraging user engagement techniques from the eye of a web design agency Melbourne.

User Engagement

The key point here is that when new visitors land on your website, there is something you’d expect from them.

But, what if they leave your website without taking the desired action, every effort will be wasted. That’s why simply focusing on traffic numbers is not enough. Here, what matters is, how engaged your visitors are with your website. Are they staying around there long enough to engage?

Now, here comes the term ‘user engagement’!

It is best achieved when visitors appreciate your content enough to stick around your website and convert. Most importantly, when user engagement is high, you’ll notice more return visits & higher conversion rate.

Here are 5 basic ideas from the house of a dynamic website design agency Melbourne, which you can implement in order to engage users on your website. Now, let’s get it started:

1. Create Engaging Content

Content is king, you may have heard this phrase before! Well, it is very much true that content rules the internet. If you’re continuously providing ultra-useful & easy-to-understand content like tutorials or guides, users will think of your website as a trusted resource. They’ll know that if they have a question or something else, they can always visit your website. According to a a survey by (CMI) Content Marketing Institute, small businesses that have blogs get 126% more leads than businesses without blogs.

2. Keep Your Website Bullet-Fast

Nobody wants to experience slow-loading pages, they are frustrating! So, it is quite essential to keep your website bullet-fast in order to engage your users. With high reloading speed comes a better user experience.
A study conducted by Soasta found that pages loading just one second slower can generate a 56% increase in their bounce rate.

3. Improvise Your Linking Structure

You can boost your SEO ranking with a good internal linking structure that will enable users to navigate your site easily. Links must have descriptive anchor text, and should be specific and relevant to their respective pages. Essentially, links should work, so test them to make sure they lead somewhere before publishing.

4. Make Your Website Easy To Navigate

Websites that are too difficult to navigate result in a high bounce rate and poor web user engagement. So, it is essential to simplify and re-organise your navigation structure so that users can find the page they need without much effort. Consider placing at least a partial navigation menu in the footer of your website if your website requires scrolling.

5. Collect More E-Mail Addresses

Collecting email addresses and communicating with users is a great way of driving visitors back to your website and increasing user engagement, whenever you have something new on your website. User engagement concerns your ability to drive visitors back to your site, which you can achieve by collecting their email address. To do this sidebar opt-in forms are good but pop-up opt-ins are better.
With website user engagement, the performance of your website, product or business will surely be enhanced. It is a robust technique that every web design agency Melbourne is already working on. And if you need to make the most of the above tips, run tests to see which works best for your website. Your focus should be on making your website attractive, interactive, and user-friendly.
For more information related to web design, user engagement, or any other digital marketing solution, feel homely to Contact Digital Pieces, a leading web design agency Melbourne!

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