What is server migration, and how can we help you ensure success

Website migration can be daunting initially, but you can streamline it with proper preparation and experienced website developers. Read on to learn more.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
What is server migration, and how can we help you ensure success

What is server migration, and how can we help you ensure success

For any data-dependent business, server migration is a fact of life. Whether you have an in-house team or choose to work with website developers, careful planning is crucial for a successful migration.

So, if you want to migrate servers for increased capacity and faster response times, here’s a guide on server migration

What is server migration?

Different servers host websites and you can transfer this website hosting from one server to another. This process is known as server migration, which describes copying or moving critical data from one server to another.

Server migration is a multi-step process and can be a tedious task. It includes configuring the target server to replace the old one, set up database software, copy over websites, change DNS parameters and more.

When to consider a server migration?

Several possible scenarios lead to server migration. For instance, moving to the cloud can help you boost flexibility and minimise operational costs.

If you want to take advantage of new technology and better services, you may want to migrate to take. Also, server migration helps you ensure that the operating system (OS) and the hardware you use is up to date.

3 considerations to make for a server migration

Whether you are anticipating a migrating server in two months or two years, it is never too early to create a proper plan. Below are a few important considerations you need to make when planning a server migration with website developers in Melbourne.

1. Servers

The first consideration you need to make is determining the type of server you need for your website. There are so many more options to choose from these days, so take the time to explore all your server options and find the right solution that fits both your current and future needs.

Do you prefer a hardware-based server solution? Then you will have to decide whether you need a Windows or Linux-based server. Both have their pros and cons. However, not every server migration is hardware based. For instance, you may need an Azure server, which is a cloud-based solution that houses your data and provides on-demand access from anywhere in the world.

2. Timeline

Know when to make the switch to a new server. It is dependent on the age of your existing servers. This is because older servers are prone to several issues. Here, a timely migration assures the integrity of your data and helps you avoid costly downtime.

If it’s three years, start considering a migration to a new server. If your server is five years old, get serious about an upgrade. Also, schedule your server migration during the slow times of your business. For example, if the holiday season is your business’s slow time, migrate your servers at that time.

3. Outdated Servers

Even the most advanced servers expire. So, if you are using outdated hardware and unsupported software, schedule a migration with a web development agency.

Outdated software and operating systems can cost you money and time. So, the sooner you initiate the server migration, the quicker you can eliminate potential risks.

How to plan for a successful server migration?

Server migrations may seem familiar, but you may get nervous when initiating the server migration steps. With so many moving parts to care for, it is common to feel overwhelmed. You can alleviate some of that burden by planning for the migration.

Before the server migration begins, please ensure that your team conducts complete documentation of your infrastructure. Start planning data migrations early and prepare a server migration checklist, including a complete picture of your existing infrastructure, data, hardware, software and network components.

In conclusion

Migrating servers can be a tricky process. It needs to be handled with care. Otherwise, you could sink hours of time and money into the wrong server solution. So, hiring an experienced web development agency in Melbourne is best. That’s where the website experts at Digital Pieces can help you bring your server migration project to life

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