Animated explainer videos: Why your business needs them?

Animated explainer videos have become an amazing tool for businesses today. Want to know why? Check out our article that will help you understand the effectiveness of explainer videos.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
Animated explainer videos: Why your business needs them?

Animated explainer videos: Why your business needs them?

As we talk about today’s digital world, video marketing has become an important formula for businesses to become successful. Most businesses believe in creating animated explainer videos to tell a clear story about their services or products. It is something that has become for all types of businesses in different industries.
Why businesses need explainer videos? To help you find out, our knowledgeable design agency in Melbourne has managed to come up with an article where we are going to give you some reasons.

Reason #1 – People prefer videos

It is a proven fact that most people prefer watching videos, instead of reading lots of text. This is where the viability of explainer videos comes from. Visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than any text. Thus, it can be said that your audience would love to see high-quality and informative explainer videos on your website or social media.
Strictly speaking, if you want to project your message straight into your audience’s brains, our digital agency in Melbourne advises using animated explainer videos.

Reason #2 – A good boost for SEO

Based on the time that your visitors spend on your website, Google rankings are defined for your website. If your audience spends more time on your website, it will improve your search engine ranking and will place your content higher in searches. As people prefer to watch more video content, they’re very likely to play every explainer video that comes their way. By using video content on your landing page, you would be able to engage your audience, helping them stay on your website for a longer time period and ultimately boosting your rankings on search engines.

Reason #3 – A great way to explain your products or services

In order to grab your audience’s attention, you need a crystal-clear approach to clarify your products or services to them. You need to explain basic things like what your business is all about, how your product works and how helpful it is for your prospects. This is where animated explainer videos play the biggest role. They offer a marvellous way to explain products or services to your audience, bringing life to any character in any situation.

Reason #4 – An affordable and time-saving solution

Businesses can save a big portion of their time, money and resources just by putting quality explainer video content into work. To start, you need a good script brief and an animator to start with. Its easier to squeeze in more information in an explainer video, helping businesses in grabbing the audience’s interest in the most efficient manner.


It is an undeniable fact that the use of explainer videos had generated some extraordinary results over the past few years, becoming one of the favourite tools of businesses for engaging visitors. They are hugely appreciated and acknowledged today for their proven effectiveness. In a nutshell, explainer videos are an excellent marketing tool to uplift your conversion rates, illuminate your product or service and boost your sales.
For more information, you can ask the experts at Digital Pieces a web design agency in Melbourne.

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