8 must-ask questions when hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne

Are you going to hire a digital marketing agency? Don’t forget to ask these crucial questions to make the right selection for your next marketing project.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
8 must-ask questions when hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne

8 must-ask questions when hiring a digital marketing agency in Melbourne

You are here because you are planning to hire a digital marketing agency. Then you need to know what factors are important to consider. You should carry out your research and ask all the crucial questions before hiring the right digital partner for your business.
Not sure what questions you should ask? We can help with that. Below, we have come up with a list of eight questions to ask your digital agency in Melbourne.

1. How much industry experience do you have?

The answer to this particular question is often a deal-breaker. Your digital partner should have enough industry experience. You also need to ask them for samples of their work, services and results. Ask for the specific industry-related projects that the digital agency is currently working on. If you don’t like what you see or hear, make up your mind and proceed to a better agency.

2. What services are you an expert in?

You may be looking for SEO, paid advertising, content writing or social media marketing. Not all companies are experts in all services. So, do your evaluation to align with a full-service digital marketing company that offers comprehensive solutions you need.
To better scrutinise their expertise, ask what services they conduct in-house and what services they outsource. If core services are not conducted by an in-house staff, then they probably aren’t the best partner for you.

3. Can you market a business of my size?

It’s important to know whether a digital agency is able to help a business of your size. Some agencies target only start-ups and small businesses. While others cater to large enterprises. The ones with mostly enterprise-level clients likely won’t be the right fit for small and medium businesses. Inversely, the agencies that only assist local businesses likely aren’t a great fit for corporate businesses. Thus, make sure you hire a competent digital agency that has enough expertise to cater to your business.


4. How do you communicate with your clients?

Lack of communication is frustrating. When you invest in a hesitant, unwilling or incompetent agency that won’t answer your questions directly, you may end up wasting your time and money. If you are asking tough questions but getting a roundabout speech from your marketing agency, this means they are hiding something. That’s why it’s worth asking upfront how your marketing company communicates with its clients.

5. Never underestimate collaboration and communication

Different factors determine success, whether it’s ROI or customer retention. When screening a graphic design agency, ask them how they measure digital marketing results. This question may have multiple implications, but it should provoke a conversation that focusses on the objectives and metrics of your digital marketing campaign. Let’s break it down:
• What the marketing campaign should accomplish? It can be anything from sales leads, free trials or seminar registrations.
• How the data corresponds to the identified goals? There should be supporting metrics like website traffic, content consumed and abandoned shopping carts that are being tracked.
• What real-world results can deem success or failure? If you are focusing on revenue-focused programs, make sure the digital agency you hire is able to track cost per acquisition, revenue generated, and gross profit.

6. What tools or technologies do you use?

A good digital marketing agency relies heavily on software (SaaS) to conduct research, track results, create reports and manage projects. When you are looking for a digital agency, try to understand their commitment when it comes to investing in digital tools. Ask them for a list of tools they use.
Recognise the bizarre names of tools they list. Confirm whether these tools cater to your business needs. And if they give you a list of free tools with minimal functionality, that means they are not taking their responsibilities seriously. This is because free tools aren’t always great when you want to achieve the best work.

7. Will you provide monthly/weekly reports?

Almost all agencies that offer digital marketing services provide some sort of monthly/weekly reports. These reports are a form of “proof” that how their marketing strategies are working. If acompany doesn’t offer reporting, this is a sign that you should walk away.
Also, it’s important that they explain the metrics or reports they show. Simply put, the more your digital marketing company doesn’t explain, the more obvious it is that they don’t want you to understand the results.

8. What about pricing?

Last but not least, don’t forget to ask about the marketing budget before hiring a digital agency. Remember, the cheaper agency doesn’t necessarily mean better. So, inquire about the contract and the return of investment. Have the answers to these questions:
• What are the deliverables to expect?
• How long the contract will be?
• Can I move out before finishing the contract?


At the end of the day…

Your digital marketing agency should be your flexible and professional partner. It should be able to bring real value to your business. That’s where we can help you achieve your marketing goals as a leading digital agency in Melbourne.
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