Is your business on Instagram. Is it ready to start using IGTV?

Digital Pieces can show you how to use this social media platform to engage with customers and grow.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
Is your business on Instagram. Is it ready to start using IGTV?

All you need to know about IGTV and how to use it to build your Melbourne business.


With Australia having one of the highest percentages of internet users in the world, it’s no surprise that almost 70% of the population is active on social media, spending an average of 1.5 hours a day across various platforms. Facebook is still the social media platform of choice, with YouTube and Facebook Messenger following close behind. Instagram currently doesn’t make the top three, but with the introduction of IGTV, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that changing soon.


Until now, Instagram users could post 30-second videos to their profiles. Now, they can create Instagram stories (videos that disappear after 24 hours) of up to 15 seconds duration, and they can broadcast live videos for up to an hour at a time. IGTV also lets users create 10-minute videos for their profiles.

While users used to have to provide a link to their YouTube channel or website so viewers could watch a full video, they can now post entire videos on the IGTV application. The IGTV app is separate to the Instagram app, and you can download it from your app store.


The IGTV recording format is vertical, and no promoted advertising content is allowed as yet. Users record live material from their phones and upload it as is. The result is footage with the authenticity and immediacy other platforms lack. When uploading or recording footage, users can add an image thumbnail of their choice and select keywords so that their video shows up in relevant searches according to interests, geographical location and needs.

Customers no longer buy gushing testimonials of text by anonymous customers who might not even exist. Believable social proof would include having notable customers officially endorse your products, mentioning notable press coverage in major publications, or demonstrating customer ratings from platforms like Facebook.


Using IGTV is an excellent and user-friendly way for a business to create video content to connect with the market – current and potential customers. All you have to do to demonstrate a product or service, answer questions about your brand or share a testimonial is to open the IGTV app on any smartphone, record your content, and upload it directly to your business profile. The only limit is your creativity. IGTV currently doesn’t support analytics, which is the tool used to monitor social media accounts to create reports on who is watching your content, their location or if they’ve ever visited your website. The analytics functionality is sure to be added in the future as awareness of IGTV increases. Until then, you can experiment with different kinds of video content for your business to engage with your market in a fun and authentic way.

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