5 video ideas you can use for your website to generate more leads

Do you want to know how to use videos to generate more leads? Here are 5 compelling ideas to boost your lead generation strategy.

by Jessica Richards - Business Development Manager
5 video ideas you can use for your website to generate more leads

5 video ideas you can use for your website to generate more leads

Videos have a higher impact on today’s digital-savvy customers. Well, that’s what most reports suggest. Videos are responsible for driving a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs. This is because marketing videos, such as explanatory and tutorial-type videos, educate buyers on what the product or service does.
When it comes to lead generation, videos can generate 66% more qualified leads than any traditional marketing strategy. The reason why video marketing is so successful in the lead generation industry is that most videos can ably answer the questions potential consumers may have. Besides that, they are more interactive and catch the attention of users quite easily.
There are several ways videos can help your website generate qualified leads. Here are a few tips from our web designers:

1. Place a video on your landing page

Your landing pages are the best place to generate more leads. In the digital marketplace, businesses are getting more and more leads and traffic with strategically placed landing pages in their marketing campaigns. To get more attention from your users, try to optimise your landing pages using engaging and informative videos. These videos will be a great way to convey more information without using a lot of text. By detailing the main topic in the video, you can use the page’s text, headline and CTA to give it more context.
Don’t put more distractions on the page so that the video is most likely to get the attention of the viewer. Also, place the video in the centre of the screen and above the crease so that visitors don’t have to scroll through the entire page for your video. If you need any assistance with this speak to our website development team.

2. Create a compelling call-to-action

Whether you are uploading a short Instagram Reel or a long YouTube video, you have to encourage your viewers to take action. These actions could be visiting your website, making a purchase, subscribing to your channel, signing up, etc. As most video-sharing platforms suggest similar videos to viewers based on their interests, creating an effective CTA is in your best interest. It will lead viewers to other videos of your products and services.
Focus on communicating what you want them to do with an engaging call-to-action in your website. If your video is long, you can consider adding CTAs at frequent intervals. Whatever you do, make sure your CTA is relevant and engaging. On the other hand, if you don’t add a CTA, your chances of losing qualified leads will automatically increase.

3. Use videos in your email campaigns

When you use videos in the inbox outreach, they help your emails stand out. Whether it’s a newsletter, product launch, or event invitation, you can be experimental with your video marketing strategy. To obtain the best results and high-quality leads, consider testing what works best for your audience and your business. But using videos in emails isn’t as easy as it may seem at first glance. This is because Outlook and Gmail do not accept emails that have embedded videos.
To overcome this issue, you need to add a video link to your email. Alternatively, you can also use specialised platforms that have special integrations for Gmail and Outlook, making it easier to incorporate videos into email campaigns. Also, place the word “video” in your email subject line to entice more subscribers to click, which will ultimately increase the number of leads.

4. Practise videos as gated content

Gated content is the one that needs a user to complete a form or purchase a subscription before accessing a particular section of the website. It’s very useful as a lead generation tool, helping brands gather helpful data about their potential prospects. You can rely on gated content to generate leads for your business, but for that, your visitors must give you their contact information.
Although white papers, case studies and e-books are best for lead generation, videos can be prolific too. By using tutorials, demo and how-to videos, you can effortlessly work well for gated content. This is because such videos are educational, which is something your audience will find worth looking at. On top of that, you can create a video series that would be getting the viewers interested in your content.

5. Boost your video SEO

If you could manage to get your video ranked higher in the search engines, it can drastically improve your visibility and attract more visitors. For that, you have to focus on crafting a short yet engaging title. You need to optimise your videos for search and use a title that naturally uses main keywords. Also, keep the title to 70 characters or less for a better view in the search results.
Since most search engines can’t scan the words spoken in your video, you need to include a transcript below the video. This will give web crawlers a better idea of what is the meaning of the video. Keep in mind that stuffing keywords into the Meta Description of the video is not a good idea. Make sure every single thing makes sense in the context.

Summing up

In this digital age, videos give you a plethora of opportunities. They are one of the most significant ways to educate your audience and convince them to engage your brand. By strategically incorporating effective videos in your content marketing, you can turn visitors into leads. In addition, don’t forget to use other marketing strategies along with videos. When they are in conjunction with videos, the chances of generating more qualified leads become automatically high.

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