Building a Consistent Corporate Brand

Many businesses underestimate the importance of having an easily recognisable and consistent brand.

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
Building a Consistent Corporate Brand

Many businesses underestimate the importance of having an easily recognisable and consistent brand. It’s especially true for companies first starting out a new business to skimp on their branding. They throw together a mishmash of logos and designs, hoping that their customers will pay more attention to their products and services than their limited design budget.


Other large companies recognise the importance of branding and they throw away millions of dollars each year to branding agencies that ask them to start from scratch. Even at the peak of customer engagement with the brand, some companies choose to gamble by redeveloping their brand identity completely. They often lose customers in the process.

Brand strategy is incredibly important for any big or small business. Brand identity is always the first thing that customers and potential clients notice. In the same way that the type of clothing you wear to a business meeting can make or break the deal, your company brand helps you look unique from the crowd. It sets you apart from your competition.

Emotional Brand Connection

Brand consistency also ensures that customers make an emotional connection with your brand and mission. When customers see your branded materials, they should feel a strong attachment to your corporate identity. They will remember your name because of the way your brand subconsciously stimulates their senses.

This stimulating effect can only happen when all of your marketing materials are consistent. Brand identity encompasses your company name, logo, the colours and font that you use, your mission statement, the tone of your voice while interacting with customers, and more. These seemingly miniscule branding points have a huge impact on the overall emotions customers feel when they think of your brand.

Corporate Personality and Image

When your corporate image is uniform across all digital and print mediums, customers will feel more confident in your professionalism and authenticity. Brand consistency makes you look organized, self-assured, and ready to meet customer needs. It assures customers that your company brand is there for the long-haul.

You will also find it easier to convey the subtleties of your message to customers when your corporate image is firmly grounded.

Brand Style Guides

We understand the necessity of consistent company branding. We can create a style guide for your business to ensure that customers view your brand exactly the way you desire. This also ensures your corporate image stays consistent across all mediums. Get in touch today to take control of your company brand.

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