7 Benefits of Professional Web Design

When was the last time you updated your business website and gave it a fresh new design?

by Natko Radmilovic - Art Director
7 Benefits of Professional Web Design

Was it more than 3 years ago? Then you probably need a new website design.

Fast-evolving technologies such iPads and smartphones have accelerated the speed and evolution of website design so that you now need to probably update and refresh your website about every 2-3 years. Leave it longer than that and you run the risk of looking old and out-dated – and nobody wants to look like that!

Essentially, your website is the critical “first impression” that your business makes on its clients or customers. And these days your customers are the most well-informed and tech-savvy audience that the world has ever seen.

In short, you need to keep up with the race because you simply cannot afford to make that first impression a negative one.

So what are the main business reasons why you need a professionally designed website?

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1. Responsive web design means your website is mobile friendly.

Responsive web design means that your website looks great and works well on all devices including smartphones with varied sized screens and tablets such as the iPad. Responsive design has other very important benefits:

  • “Future proofs” your website for whatever new device is around the corner
  • Widens your audience to people browsing on mobiles and tablets (about 50% of all web browsing!)
  • Increase sales conversion rates by making the user experience on mobiles a positive one
  • Google will love you for it because it has now included responsive design as a ranking factor…

Read more about why responsive web design is critical for your business.

2. Better Google rankings and more free organic traffic.

When you refresh your website with a new mobile-friendly design, not only will Google reward you with better search engine rankings, but you’ll be adding fresh new content – and Google will reward you for this.

You’ll also have the chance to refresh your search engine optimisation (SEO) and review which keywords you’re chasing. Your keywords will always evolve and change slightly as the years go by – that’s why it’s called “organic” search.

3. Easy to update content by yourself.

If you can write an email or create a Word document you can update a WordPress CMS website. It really is that easy.

You’ll save time and money because now you can change the content on your website yourself. This includes adding new pages, moving the navigation menu around, adding blog articles, images and other fun stuff.

(Ask us about our WordPress training packages that are included in your overall web design project).

4. Improved design + more traffic = more sales!

Let’s do the math: your newly designed website is now much more enticing and engaging to your customers.

Plus, your website is getting more free traffic from search engines. This means that the 2 most important things are happening, you’re:

1. Leading more horses to water
2 Engaging them and making them want to drink

So in shorty, yes, you can lead a horse to water and make it want to drink!

5. Reduced website maintenance

You can spend a lot of time and expense patching up an old website. But you’ve still got an old, out-dated and tired looking website.

It’s like the difference of owing a used car vs. a brand new car. Odds-on the new car will require much less maintenance and expense to keep it running well.

With a new professionally-designed website you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning things up and ensuring that everything is running. This means more time for things like increasing traffic, sales and search engine visibility.

Apart from adding the odd blog post a few times a month, you may not have to do much of anything to keep it up and running well.

6. Outshine your competitors.

If your website is looking old there’s probably a good chance that your competitors are also in need of a new design. The trick is to beat them to it.

Often your competitors websites may look the same and sell the same things, but when you make your site shine, add compelling calls-to-action and push your unique selling points you’ll stand out in a busy market place.

7. Closer alignment with current business strategy.

There’s a very good chance that your overall business strategy has evolved over the last few years. As your business evolves so should your website stay up to date with your natural evolution. If your website is a few years old there’s a good chance that you’re communicating an old strategy.

In the final analysis your website has to deliver business results. Otherwise what are we all doing here?

Professional web designers for Melbourne and suburbs

At Digital Pieces we ensure that all the work we do answers to a higher authority – your business success. In fact, we plan and custom design every page of your website (no templates used) and we spend time user testing your new site to make sure it works on all browsers and easy for your users to navigate.

Want to know more about our professional web design services? Read our page on Web Design and Development or contact us today.

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