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Professional Web Designers in Melbourne

Consistency in your branding is more important than ever for making your business stand out from the crowd. Every successful business today is backed by one thing: A powerful, modern, and well designed brand and website.

There is one simple reason for this. Your website is often the first interaction customers have with your brand. Yet even though many companies know this, web design quality differs vastly from business to business.

Some websites are clearly built by professional digital agencies. They have a know how for incorporating easy navigation, complex functionality and solid graphic design. Don’t jeopardise your business by getting your website built by just any web designer in Melbourne.

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Why is Web Design Important?

Customers can tell the difference between a professional and non-professional website immediately. Investing your money in professional web design can go a long way in impressing your visitors and building trust in your company.

Any little thing from excessive pop-up ads to a difficult navigation structure could be costing your business its visitors. These problems are easy to fix with the right design team.

Web Designers in Melbourne: How to Choose

There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing a digital agency to revamp your brand or bring your brand to the online world. Does the digital agency pride itself on delivering high quality service? Do they ask questions about your target audience and create a plan accordingly? Do they offer a full range of digital services?

Digital Pieces works with each individual client to understand their brand and target audience. Before starting a project, our web design consultants will discuss your needs to gather the full scope of what you hope to achieve and plan out your project.

Whether you are building your site from scratch or going through a rebranding phase, our Melbourne web designers can help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Digital Agency

Digital Pieces is a digital agency with all the web design services you need to create a memorable brand. Our team of digital strategists, web designers, web developers and online marketing combined have more than 10 years of experience and use all the latest technologies. We can design your brand from scratch or help you reinvent a brand that has already outlived its purpose.

Our full range of digital capabilities includes:

Digital Strategy

Wireframes & Planning


Web Design & UX/UI

Responsive Design

Content Management Systems


Online Marketing


Our team is passionate about helping you achieve your branding goals through our multi-faceted services.

Our comprehensive web design services are responsive and customised to suit your business objectives. Our first priority is creating a good first impression through the online medium. Customers respond best to sites that are designed with easy navigation and a focus on user experience.

Professional Website Designer Melbourne

Investing in a professional web designer ensures that you can provide a high quality service for your customers. Our web design expertise has been built from a team of passionate people who all specialise in different areas (Branding, Digital Strategy, Web Design & UX/UI, Web Development and Online marketing). Contact our digital agency team today to request a consultation.


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